Cleaning and Maintenance Experts Offer Consulting

By client request, SCSI, Inc., a 600-employee service firm specializing in retail cleaning and maintenance, is now providing consulting services.

“We’ve found more and more of our clients relying on us when they have a problem to solve or a question about better-operating methods,” said Dean Goforth, President of the Birmingham, Alabama-based company, providing maintenance and operations consulting to retailers, school districts, hospitals, events coordinators and office facilities and managers in nine states.

SCSI is knowledgeable and already involved, so it makes sense for clients to seek consulting advice too. Sometimes SCSI finds new clients just want an outside point of view.

One 1,100-store grocery chain consulted with SCSI when contracting for maintenance services.

“They asked us if there were things we could help them do to save them money,” Goforth recalled.

“We worked with them for six or eight months. We looked at their current program and services they outsourced – window cleaning, carpet cleaning, exterior cleaning – and what would provide the greatest streamlining and integration, while keeping quality up. We were delighted to be able to help. We helped them save 3 million dollars!

“The trend the last few years has been toward integrated service providers (ISPs),” Goforth said. “Retailers can make one phone call, and better manage their resources. The benefits? They achieve uniform decision-making and costs per store – rather than multiple store managers negotiating different contracts and different rates – consistent service, and, importantly, it’s saving them money in the total cost of service procurement.”

SCSI views consulting as an opportunity to create a lasting relationship. “It may begin as a consulting discussion, but often leads It’s really about establishing trust.”