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Hand Sanitizing Alcohol Free Wipes

For more information email or call us at (205) 467-6655

Disinfecting Surface Wipes

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Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Wipes created to protect customers and employees from the spread of bacteria for every area. For more information : Email: or call us (205)467-6655

Site & Safety Inspections

Let our facility maintenance experts tour your facility, and you receive the straight forward answers you have been looking for.
Our experts will take the time to listen to your needs and to tour the facility to make sure we have a full understanding of your needs and your goals. SCSI will customize a plan that works best for you. SCSI is also available to provide site safety inspections and provide floor safety consulting for all types of settings including Retail, Retail Grocery, Industrial, Warehouse, Distribution Centers, Airports, Aerospace, Local government, State and Federal facilities.

Polished Concrete

SCSI had a deep understanding of polished concrete with several members of our team being certified in polish and maintenance of polished concrete.
SCSI works with the largest retailers, concrete tooling, and equipment manufactures in the world to bring the most experience and knowledge to our customers. SCSI has developed a proprietary process for stain remediation, concrete revitalization, concrete restoration, and daily maintenance. Our understanding of concrete flooring from start to finish is unmeasured, and many of our customer’s lean on us as the concrete experts for their concrete floors.

Facility Maintenance

Full facility maintenance oversite and review.
From top to bottom, SCSI has the ability to help with all of your facility maintenance needs.

Window Cleaning

Specialty cleaning service that includes high cleaning and detailing of windows.
One of the first things your customers see walking into your facility is the windows and glass doors. It is important to ensure you make the right first impression and this is why SCSI specializes in this area of cleaning.


SCSI has a combined knowledge base and experience that is unmeasurable, and we bring that to our customers every day.
With great ability and years of experience, our team can build solutions that fit our customer’s exact needs. Working with some of the largest retailers in the world and having consulted around the world in China, Japan, Europe, Canada, Mexico, South America, and the U.S. gives us a great understanding of the unique issues faced in maintaining facilities of all sizes and from all parts of the world.

Equipment Sales

Working with the largest equipment manufactures in the US
We are consistently testing and providing our customers with the latest and greatest equipment to fit their needs. By carrying multiple brands as well as servicing these brands in house, we possess a unique ability to bring several options to the table for our customers in an unbiased format. This ensures the customer “wins” getting exactly what they need for their facility.

Specialized Services

Experts in designing and implementing specialized services to fit your industry's facility maintenance and management needs
SCSI has the combined knowledge and experience to create and implement a specialized program of services specific to your industry's needs. We are able to customize our offerings so that SCSI can be your single point of contact for facility management and maintenance.

Trash Removal

Working with the largest waste management companies in the US.
We have been able to make connections across the S.E.which has given us the ability to help with removal or facilitate the removal of any type of trash and or debris. SCSI is always available for emergency situations and can assist you with all trash and debris removal requests.

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